Create an email account in the control panel

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21-10-2014 16:39

How to create a new email account within an existing Exchange Account

  1. Logon to the control panel
  2. Select Customers
  3. Select the customer account
  4. If “all customers” are shown select it if not go to step 5
    • Choose the customer from the list and go to step 5
  5. Selected hosted organizations
  6. Select the organization under “organization name”
  7. Under “exchange” on the left select mailbox
  8. And select “new mailbox”
  9. enter user credentials
  10. Enter the email address provide by the customer
  11. Enter a password
  12. Leave “Choose mailbox type”: as user mail box
  13. Select the mail box plan as per customer request.
  14. Finally click create mailbox
  15. Check credentials using the owa
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