Install Ahsay v7 Backup Agent

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05-12-2018 10:41

Install Backup Agent on Server

  Log in to your server and open a web browser to

In the top right there is a download icon to download the agent.

Select the type of download required.

The difference between the online and offline versions are, the online version downloads an installer that connects the web to complete the install.  The offline version is a complete .exe that can be used multiple times with no internet connection.

Save, run and install the file.  

Once installed, start the application and select

Enter the login details created when creating your account and select advanced options

Here enter the URL

Select OK and Ok

Here you are presented with the new backup agent options.  Next select BackupSets

Add backupset and Name the backupset, chose the type of backup required.  Files or MSSQL etc.

Next choose “I would like to choose the files to backup” in the bottom of the window.

Choose the folders / files required for backup                   

Select Next and choose a time to run the backup by selecting the backup schedule or by adding a new schedule.

Select next and choose a backup destination.

Select the + add new storage destination / destination pool

The default storage location is selected for you. If the Azure Storage is not available, please login to and edit the account modules by selecting and deselecting a module and save as discribed at the bottom of the document here.

Select OK, Next and next

Choose your data at rest encryption type. 

I have selected the user password.

Confirm the password and run your backup.

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