How to Install OBM on customer Server

Michael Neal
06-11-2015 16:58

Once the account has been setup in your ChannelBackup portal, log back in to the portal on the server that requires backing up.

On the top of the screen select Download Backup Software or click here

Once downloaded please run the software as administrator.  Once installed log in using the account details entered during the customer creation process in the Channelbackup portal. Ensure the Backup Server URL matches the url in the Channelbackup portal.  This is described here 

Select the already a user option as the account has been created in

Enter the Login details

Follow the process for creating the backup required.  Change the BackupSet name to something that makes it easy to identify.

TIP: Change the backup Schedule time to something other than 21:00 as this is the default time for backup, backup traffic can be high at this time.


Once the wizard is finished, Save the settings and perform a manual backup if required.

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