How to Install a printer driver on a VD or Cloud Server

10-09-2014 17:57



1. Check the printer version number on the local machine,

2. Download the same printer version and save it on the c:/ drive on the VD/Cloud Server,

If printer version is unavailable download and install a new driver that can match the version for Server 2008R2 / 2012 R2 for both the local machine and the VD

3. Once downloaded create a folder and extract the driver to that folder,

4. Install the printer through add printer:
• Add local printer or network printer with manual setting,
• When choosing a port be sure to select a terminal services port (example TS001),
• On the next page select I have disk option and locate the drive as per step 3,
• On the next page select the printer and click next,
• Keep the default name and click next,
• Select do not share this printer click next.

Reboot the VD /VPS. Once the VD/VPS reboots check if the printer is redirected through devices and printers if so print test page and you are done

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