Minimum Requirements to Connect to CloudStrong Infrastructure

Michael Neal
07-05-2015 16:17

Minimum infrastructural requirements for CloudStrong clients / customers to connect to CloudStrong infrastructure using secure SHA256 certificate algorithm are as follows.


Required to accept SHA256 certificate requests

Workstation requires Windows XP SP3 + hotfix installed which is not part of the Windows update package.

Direct Download

Select the OS the hotfix is required for enter your email address and a link will be emailed to you.


Please test XP access via the our test URL for SHA256 compliance



Windows minimum requirement to connect to RD Gateway

For Remote Desktop connection the workstation will require RDP client 6.1+ available from

RDP 6.1

Direct download

RDP 7.0 //

Direct download



Credential Security Support (CredSSP) Protocol for Network Level Authentication

Network Level Authentication will need to be enabled if your systems are still currently using Windows XP SP3

Direct download


Internet Explorer requirements for OWA access

Minimum Internet Explorer version 8 running compatibility mode to remove the Light Mode option when logging in.  Available via Windows XP updates.


Client Bandwidth Requirements

The minimum bandwidth required for a usable RDP session is 26.4Kbps per user or session.  This will not give a good desktop experience but will keep a stable connection to the desktop / cloud server in question.  This does not include the sending and receiving of data for scanning / printing or accessing files held locally within the customer’s environment.

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