Creating a Hidden Folder on Shared Drive

13-10-2014 15:36

1. Locate the server which holds the shared drive and login with admin credentials.
2. Navigate to the location of the share and create/select a folder.
3. Right-click the folder and select Properties
4. On the Sharing Tab, Click Advanced Sharing…
5. Tick Share this folder and give a name to your share ending with a dollar sign($) & NO spaces

6. Click the Permissions box and remove everyone when add the users that need to access it and give the permissions necessary for each user added and click apply and ok then apply and ok again
7. On the Security Tab, click Advanced and then select disable inheritance and remove users/groups not needing access to the folder just leaving Administrator, Domain Admins and Adminstrators as shown

8. Now select Add and click Select a principal then add the users added in step 6 giving appropriate permissions then click ok and apply.
9. Check users and group permissions on the Effective Access tab to verify who has access, then click ok then ok

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