How to Create a customer in the control panel

Michael Neal
21-10-2014 16:34

Create a customer in the control panel

  1. Logon onto the control
  2. Click the create customer icon
  3. In the username use Admin_(customer name)
  4. Generate a user password by using // or any password generator site of your choice.
  5. Enter first and last name
  6. Leave account number blank
  7. Enter in user email address
  8. Leave mail format as html
  9. Select the role either user or reseller
  10. Leave status as active
  11. If demo account tick the box
  12. Then click create
  13. On the next page click create hosting space
  14. Un-tick Send Space Summary Letter 
  15. Leave Create Space Resources and Automated Hosted Organization Provisioning ticked Enter in domain name eg
  16. Finally click create Space
  17. Click Hosting Plan on the left
  18. Click Create Hosting Plan
  19. Add Hosted Exchange to Plan Name
  20. Select Hosting Space from Dropdown
  21. Check System and check Disk Space, Bandwidth, Domains and Sub-Domains as Unlimited
  22. Check Hosted Exchange and Check all options except the top and bottom.  Add 14 days to keep Deleted Items
  23. Check Hosted Organisations and check Orgs, Users per Org and Domains by Org to unlimited
  24. Click save.

Test login details and email these to the new partner via the WSP template.

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