How to undelete Folders / Files Soonr

Michael Neal
29-10-2015 12:18

Undeleting folders and files


Locate the folder or file

  1. Navigate to the Project or folder in which the deleted folder or files was located
    Tip:Check the 'Recent Changes' tab on the 'Dashboard' to view recently deleted files.
  2. Check the 'Show deleted' box to display deleted items
  3. Locate the folder or file, either by navigating the folder structure or by using the search field

Click on the folder or file to be undeleted


Select 'Undelete' or 'Restore'

Learn about the difference between "Undelete" and "Restore".

The 'Previous Versions' option allows for older versions of the folder/file to be selected and undeleted or restored.

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