Sharing Projects / Folders with Team Members

Michael Neal
29-10-2015 12:57

With all your data held in the cloud, security is a paramount concern and tools are required to ensure only people with permission can access this data.  Soonr allows for granular permissions to ensure the security of your data, while being able to easily share with the people who should have access.

By default, only you will have access to the Projects, files and folders you have stored within the Soonr Workplace. To allow other users to access this data, permission needs to be granted. Four levels of permission are available:

Permission can be granted to any Project or folder.
By default, access to Projects, folders and files owned by other Team Members is denied. Team Members can be granted access to Projects and folders via the Soonr Workplace Online.

To share a Project or folder with a Team Member:

  1. Log in to Soonr Workplace Online
  2. Select the 'Projects' tab
  3. Navigate to the Project or folder you wish to share
  4. Select 'Shares'
  5. Enter the name of the Team Member you wish to share the Project or folder with into the "Invite a Member, Connection or Group..." field
  6. Use the 'Select Permissions' drop-down to assign the desired permissions
  7. Click on 'Share Project' or 'Share Folder' to make it available to the selected Team Member(s)



To ensure you only share the files you intend to share, please take careful note of the following information:

  • Permissions are inherited by all folders and files within the Project or folder you share. For instance, if you grant a Team Member 'Full Access' to a Project, they will get full access to every folder and file within that Project.
  • Permissions are granular, meaning permissions can be set on any sub-folder.
  • Permissions can only be granted. By default, only the Project owner has access. To share a Project or folder, the owner must grant access to other users. As permissions cannot be restricted on a folder or Project, structuring the Projects should be performed with this in mind.
  • Permissions can be increased in sub-folders. A higher level of permissions can be applied to folders within a Project.   For instance, 'Read-Only' permissions can be granted for a Project and 'Full Access' can be granted for a specific folder within the Project - the person with whom you are sharing will be able to read all folders and files within the Project as well as having full access to the specific folder to which 'Full Access' permissions were granted.  Another example of how this can be implemented is that permissions can be granted to a single folder or file within the Project file structure - in this example, the recipient will be able to see the Project. Within the Project, they will only see the single folder or file to which they have been granted access. If this folder or file is multiple layers down in the file structure, they will see only the folders that contain the files or sub-folder to which they have been granted access.
  • A lower level of permissions cannot be applied than the inherited permission. For instance, if you have given 'Full Access' to a Project, you cannot restrict that Team Member to 'Read-Only' or 'Modify' permissions for any of the contents of that Project. This also entails that access cannot be restricted to a folder or file within a Project or folder that has shared.
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