How to backup Computer with Soonr

Michael Neal
29-10-2015 13:03

In addition to Soonr's core functionality as a file sync and collaboration service, Soonr can be used to backup data on your computer, thereby ensuring that it is safe from loss. Should your machine break or get stolen, you will always have the backups available to restore your data.
Unlike the core sync aspect, backups are not shared.

Note the limitations applied to backups.

1Launch the Backup Settings

Click the Soonr Workplace icon  in the system tray.
From the 'Settings' sub-menu, select 'Backup Settings...'

2Load the 'Manage Backups' pane

Upon first launch, the 'Manage Backups' pane will show immediatetly.
If it does not show, simply click on 'Manage Backups'.

3Select files to backup
  • Using the file selector, locate and check the folders and files to backup.
  • To backup only certain file types, click on 'Only these types', then check the box associated with the file types to be backed up
  • Using the 'Exclude Types' button, you can specify files to exclude. Specific files can be excluded or file extensions can be specified for exclusion

4Check your backup fits within your quota

Note whether your selection fits within your allotted storage quota

5Click 'Finish' to complete save the changes and start the backup

What if the backup fails?If the backup fails, the Soonr Desktop Agent sends a list of the failed files to the server and the server decides which files to request. If the Agent cannot reach the file for whatever reason (most commonly, the file is in use), the server creates a push list and instructs the Desktop Agent to send the file when it becomes available. If this file does not become available and complete backing up within 10 days, the owner of the file in notified by email. The owner will get mails weekly thereafter until the file is backed up or the owner selects the 'ignore' option in the notification email.


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