Selectively Sync New Projects with Soonr Agent

Michael Neal
29-10-2015 13:06

Selective Sync allows you to specify which folders within a Project are synced to your Mac or PC. This is especially useful when large Projects exist and only sub-sections of the Project need to be synced to the local machine.

Selective Sync can be performed on existing Projects or when syncing a Project for the first time. For administrators, Selective Sync can also be used on Projects stored in alternative locations to the Soonr Workplace folder, via the “Folder Sync” tab.

For all Selective Sync instructions, access the Soonr settings by:
Click on the Soonr icon  in the menu bar and select ‘Open Soonr Preferences’, then select the ‘Workplace Sync’ or ‘Folder Sync’ tab
Click on the Soonr icon  in the system tray in the system tray and, from the ‘Settings’ sub-menu, select ‘Workplace Sync...’ or ‘Folder Sync...’ option


Selective Sync of new Projects
To selectively sync folders within a Project that is not currently syncing to the machine:
  1. Select the ‘Workplace Sync’ tab
  2. Click ‘Sync Project
  3. Select the Project to sync and then click ‘Selective Sync
  4. Expand and collapse the folder structure by clicking the disclosure triangle. Tick the folders to be synced and untick the folders not to be synced.
    Note that by holding the ctrl key and clicking the checkboxes, you can check/uncheck a box without automatically selecting/deselecting the sub-folders within that folder.
  5. Click ‘OK
  6. The selected folder will now start to sync in the background.
  7. Close’ the Project Selection window or repeat steps 2 - 5 to sync another Project.
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