Locking Files so Team Members can't Edit Open File

Michael Neal
29-10-2015 13:41

Files can be locked within Soonr to prevent Team Members overwriting each others work.

Files can be manually locked on Mac, PC, Mobile Devices or via Soonr Online.  On Windows, if the Microsoft Plugin is enabled, files can be automatically locked when editing commences.

When a file is locked, a lock icon will be shown on the file and any users that open the file will be warned that the file is locked.  On Windows, if a user has the file open but has not commenced editing and someone else starts editing, they will get an alert to tell them the file is now locked.  At this point the file will become read-only.

While the Enterprise plan provides control over who can overwrite file locks, by default any user can unlocked a file.  This functionality eliminates delays to work should a Team Member forget to unlock a file.  With this in mind, the is some reliance on collaboration within the workplace.

If the same file is edited and saved by multiple people simultaneously, this will create a conflict.  All versions created by these users will be saved and the filename will be appended with the users name, this ensuring no information is lost should this occur.

Soonr offers a file locking mechanism to avoid overwriting changes when multiple Members access the same file simultaneously.


There are four ways to lock files in Soonr:

Automatically via Microsoft Office (Windows only)
NoteThis method requires Windows XP or later, Office 2003 or later and the latest version of the Soonr Desktop Agent to be installed.

By default, Microsoft Office auto-locking is enabled, which will cause any Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint files to be locked automatically when a Member starts editing a file located within the Soonr Workplace folder.

If Microsoft Office auto-locking fails to function as expected, follow these steps.

Manually via Desktop Agent
Note Manual file locking requires the Soonr Desktop Agent to be installed.

Simply right-click on any file within the Soonr Workplace folder and select 'Lock for me' from the contextual menu.

Manually via Soonr Online
  1. Log in to Soonr Workplace Online
  2. Select the 'Project' tab
  3. Navigate to the file to be locked
  4. From the associated action menu, select 'Lock'
Manually via Mobile App

While viewing the file within the Soonr Mobile App, tap the 'Actions' button and select 'Lock'.

Auto-locking can be switched on for mobile devices from within the 'Settings'. This will result in files being automatically locked when editing starts and unlocked when editing is complete
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