Soonr Project Loader Tool

Michael Neal
29-10-2015 13:34
The Project Loader feature requires:
Windows - Soonr Desktop Agent 5.0 or later
Mac - Soonr Desktop Agent 5.0.40 or later

The Project Loader allows pre-population of Projects with local data instead of sync'ing them from the cloud. By copying the files from a local source, considerable time and bandwidth can be saved.

How to use the Project Loader


Open the 'Workplace Sync' settings pane

  1. Click the Soonr Workplace icon  in the system tray
  2. From the ‘Settings’ sub-menu, select ‘Workplace Sync…


Click on ‘Sync Project’



Initialise the Project Loader

  1. Select the Project to sync
  2. Select the ‘Use Project Loader’ option
  3. Select either ‘Selective Sync’ or ‘Full Sync


Direct the Project Loader to the location of the locally available files

Click 'Browse' and navigate to the location where the local copy of the data is stored, then click ‘OK


Click ‘OK’ to start the Project Loader

What happens next?


Close the Project Loader

Click ‘Close’ to complete the Project Loader and commence syncing the files not currently within the selected Project


  • For Projects to be visible and accessible to the Project Loader, first the Project must be shared with the respective Team Member.
  • The free disk space on the machine must be greater than the size of the folder selected in step 4 plus 1GB!
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