Deleting Projects / Folders / Files in Soonr

Michael Neal
29-10-2015 13:56

Via Soonr Workplace folder

To delete a file or folder via the Soonr Workplace Desktop Agent, simply delete it the same way you would any other locally stored file or folder on your computer.
Note that Projects can only be deleted via Soonr Workplace Online!

Via Soonr Workplace Online

To delete a Project, folder or file via Soonr Workplace Online:

  1. Log in to Soonr Workplace Online
  2. Select the 'Project' tab
  3. Navigate to the Project, file or folder you want to delete
  4. From the associated action menu, scroll to the 'Manage' sub-menu and select 'Delete'.

Files are retained and can be 'undeleted' for 6 months after they are deleted.
NOTE:Deleting Projects, folders or files will result in them being deleted from the cloud. In turn, this will delete the files or folders from all your devices and all Team Members with whom they are shared.
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