How Previous Versioning Works in Soonr

Michael Neal
29-10-2015 14:20

Every time a file is synced or backed up via Soonr, a "version" is created and any changes are saved. This allows you to revert to previous versions of these files, should unwanted changes be saved.

Versioning works in the following way:

A new version is created each time a file is saved.  

All versions for the last hour are saved.

The last version from each hour for the last day is saved.                     24

The last version from each day for the last week is saved.                    7

The last version from each week for the last month is saved.               4

The last version from each month is saved for the last 6 months.         6

After 6 months, the version is permanently deleted.

How to Use Previous Versions

To combat accidental saves and unwanted changes, Soonr features a versioning system that allows users to revert to a previous version and retains versions for 180 days.

To access the previous versions, logon to Soonr Workplace Online and navigate to the Project containing the target file. Once you select the target file, from the ‘More’ menu, select ‘Manage’ ? ‘Previous Versions’. This will open up the Previous Versions list and provide the following options for each version:

The version will be downloaded to the default download location on the device.
Allows you to specify the location to which the version is downloaded.
Makes the select version the current version.
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