There is a mismatch in the virtual sizes of the parent virtual hard disk and differencing disk.

Michael Neal
20-04-2015 12:28

This error occurs when a vhd has a snapshot while the VM's HDD is Expanded.  

The headers are altered on the footer format of the dynamic hard disk

  1. Ensure the VM is turned off and replication is stopped.
  2. Remove any Snapshots that exist.
  3. Login to the host witch holds the VM
  4. Open the application vhdtool.exe
    1. If on a server core machine start powershel by typing "powershell"
    2. Type "\\csp-store-14\cloudstrong\software\vhdtool repair\"
    3. Type ./vhdtool.exe /repair "path to xxx.vhd" "path to xxx.avhd"
  5. Output should look like the following

6.  Increase the HDD size as needed.  Turn on the VM and increase the HDD through the disk management console.

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