How to add new backup client via Backup Portal

michael neal
06-12-2018 10:21

Log in to the CloudStrong Backup Portal and select Customers

Select Add in the menu

Next Select for a Server (OBM) for Desktop / Laptop (ACB)
Add Contact details and login details

As you can see, I have selected store password. Please ensure you have permission for this.
Next, we need to select the packages to backup and how much space is required.

If the module is not enabled the backup will not run. The 3 modules at the bottom are automatically selected as these are required for basic file backup.
Next we need to accept the terms and conditions.

Your new backup account is now created in your backup portal.
Now we need to activate the destination storage.
Select the new backup account and select manage backup account settings in data usage

Select a backup module and deselect it to allow for the module window to be saved. You will need to enter your portal password to authorise the change.

This is to ensure the default backup storage account is available when configuring the backup agent on your server.
If you do not see the Azure default backup location when creating the new backup please repeat this process and close the backup agent and start again.

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