Installing TASBooks for Accountants on an RDS

05-05-2016 18:21

1. Run TAS Books exe file with the following settings

  • Install for the first time
  • tasbooks for accountants
  • Workgroup
  • Add the primary client to a workgroup

- - - Settings on Local Primary TASBooks Client - - - -

2. Get Serial Number and Account information from the main TASBooks client that is installed locally (Help tab - About). 

- - - On The RDS - - -

3. Open TASBooks on the RDS and add the reqired info need

4. Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Pervasive Software\PSQL\bin and select guilcadm to open the "Pervasive Software License Administrator" as shown below

5. Ring TASBooks to get it activation key (Telephone: 1890 946 881)

NOTE: Serial Number and Account Name will need to be provided on call

6. Add the key provided from step 5 and click Activate.

NOTE: License Type field should change to Permanant as shown below

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