IASO Console Installation

Michael Neal
19-11-2015 13:26

Once Cloudstrong create an IASO partner account  an email will arrive to the mailbox provided by the customer with instructions on how to download the Cloud Management Console for backup account management by partner.

Below is an example of the email received.

Download the application and use the details provided to login in.

The following webpage will provide instructions on installation and adding of your account.

Once downloaded, run the application and install cloud management console.  Here the Login to Console box will appear.  Click New Login and enter the details sent in the email as shown above.

The Partner and Login details ARE case-sensitive

Once logged in a Create new account dialog box will appear.  Please create a new test customer as a trial to familarise yourself with the console and new account process.

Add the device name and select next

Once the device has been added, please add the customer details as described below.

Select the new customer and in the general tab enter the correct details

The sender address would be your email address to send the backup reports from.  Please note Amazon SES will require authorisation to send on behalf of your email address.  This is achieved by Amazon requesting authorisation via an email request to the email account added.

This will bring up a congratulation web page informing hte request was successful.

Here you will also be able to customise the branding of the email by checking the box Custom Branding.

Next select contacts for the customer and enter the details required.

The partner level installation has now been completed with a test account created.  To retrieve the test device details and agent download details please refer to the following kb article.


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