Add new Customer to IASO

Michael Neal
19-11-2015 13:54

To add new customers to a partner / reseller IASO account.

  • Login to the Cloud Management Console (Installation Instructions here)
  • Select the partner icon under Partners in the console
  • Select Partner at the top of the window and from the drop-down select "Add end-customer"
  • Enter your customer name (Best to use legal company name to avoid duplication)
  • Enter the customer contact details
  • Upon completion of these details the IASO system will send the customer an email notification for customer registration request.
  • Next the system will prompt for a device name to enter for backup for this company.  Please use lower-case letters for this detail.  There is an option for Linux and Mac as well as Windows running 32bit/64Bit.
  • Once completed the device will be registered and a link with a password and pin will be displayed.  This is to download the agent for the newly registered device.
  • Copy to Clipboard and paste to a notepad doc
  • If required add other devices as required.
  • The new customer / device is then added to the customer list within the partner customer field.
  • To modify the account details right click on the customer / device and select from the options provided.

The new customer has been successfully added.  Please refer to the KB Article for agent installation here.

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