How to SeedLoad to CloudStrong Backup Servers

Michael Neal
20-05-2015 12:52

Ahsay Seedloading CloudStrong Backup Servers

  1. Create backup account in ChannelBackup Control Panel
  2. Install OBM on target server
  3. Configure the backup sets required
  4. Ensure scheduling is turned off on all backupsets
  5. save all setting
  6. Select Backup on home screen
  7. Select Options at the bottom right
  8. Select Local Hard Disk and change the location to a removable storage device.
  9. Bring the Removable storage off site and upload via FTP to details provided to you.
  10. Email [email protected] informing them you are sending Seeded data to your FTP site.
  11. Reply to the acknowledgement email when the seedload has completed.
  12. CloudStrong will them move the data to your backup account and validate the data transfered.
  13. Once validated CloudStrong will email you to inform you that the backup schedule can be enabled.


Ensure backup schedule is turned off or seedload will not work.

If the data footprint is large zipping the data into 4 GB chucks will speedup the FTP upload.

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