How to setup exchange email on windows phone

Michael Neal
08-05-2015 13:03

Set up your phone for Exchange email

1. Find "email + accounts"
• Press arrow right to access the main menu.
• Press Settings.
• Press email + accounts.
2. Create new email account
• Press add an account.
• Press advanced setup.
3. Enter email address
• Press the field below Email address and key in your email address.
4. Enter password
• Press the field below Password and key in the password for the server.
• Press next.
5. Select account type
• Press Exchange ActiveSync.
6. Enter username
• Press the field below Username and key in your username.
7. Enter domain
• Press the field below Domain and key in the domain.
8. Enter server name
• Press the field below Server and key in the server name.
9. Turn off SSL encryption
• Press Server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection to turn off SSL encryption.
• When the box next to the menu item is empty, SSL encryption is turned off.
10. Enter email account name
• Press the field below Account nameand key in a name for your email account (such as Private or Work).
11. Select setting for synchronisation
• Press the field below Download new content.
• Press the required period or manually.

• Please note: each time your phone connects to the server to synchronise, data charges will apply.

12. Select time for retrieving email messages
• Press the field below Download email from.
• Press the required period or any time.
13. Select data types
• Press Email, Contacts, Calendar andTasks to turn synchronisation of each data type on or off.
• When the box next to the menu item is ticked (V), synchronisation for the required data type is turned on.
14. Activate email account
• Press sign in.
• Wait while the email account is activated.
15. Exit
• Press the Home key to return to standby mode.

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