How to move Outlook Signature for old Outlook to Cloud Outlook

Michael Neal
19-11-2014 19:02

To add your old Signature to new Outlook profile please follow the following direction

Open your old Outlook and click File on the top left then Options


This opens a new window please select Mail and then Signatures


Once here select the signature you require, highlight the signature in the textbox below and right click > copy (or ctrl+c) to copy the selected items


Now we need to paste this text into our new Outlook client.

Open your new Cloud Desktop and open Outlook.

Then Click on File and Options


Again this will open a new window click on Mail and the Signatures


This will open another window, click on new(1) and add a name for your signature(2), select the signature and paste the copied Signature from the other Outlook into the textbox below (3), Please change the email address to reflect your email and add the signature to new messages and replies (4)




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