How to change the default language in Google Chrome to English

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01-03-2017 09:47

  1.      Select the customise and control button on the top right hand side of you web page as shown below:


2.      Navigate down to “Settings” and click “Manage search engines”

3.      Here you can see two sections “Default search options” and “Other search engines” *Please note the view on your settings may be different, if so the steps are still the same.  

4.      In the “Default search options” the current Google search option needs to be deleted. In order to delete this, we first need to select a different “Default search”   Select the second default setting and click “Make Default” (In my case the second default setting is Yahoo! UK & Ireland)   Now that is not “Default” we can now delete it.

5.      Select and click the “X” on the right hand side as illustrated.

6.      In the “Other Search Engines” section add a new search engine: Google  

In the “Add a new search engine” box type: Google  

In the “Keyword” box type:  

In the “URL” box type:    

7.     Now we need to set this search engine as “Default”

Select “Google –” in “Other search engines”

When you select it you will see an option on the right hand side allowing you to “Make Default”  

8.      Click “Done”

The language should now be changed back to English.  

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